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Pharmacies are essential in distributing medications to patients. Medication errors are the third leading cause of medical errors. Minimizing these errors requires continuous interaction between the pharmacy and the doctor’s office; as well as between the pharmacy and the patient. As sensitive information is being exchanged it is necessary for it to be managed using a HIPAA-secure platform and through Buzz phone – other than personal cell number on the same device.


Pharmacy Features

Streamline your daily workflow with our powerful features. Using the best tools efficiently will allow for increased productivity and safety in all clinic settings.

Work Together

Allowing for quick consultation with a doctor not on duty but familiar with the patient diagnoses.

Cross Team Communication

Providing a platform for secure exchange of information between residents during rotations, which may be an effective educational tool for residency directors with their residents.

Increase Response Time
Increase Response Time

Providing the ability to employ one-to-one or group communication. This allows for notifications for care team members and providers when appropriate

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