1. About Buzz

Buzz is a HIPAA-secure platform that simplifies real-time on-the-go communications between healthcare providers. It supports commonly used communication modalities between healthcare professionals including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports and video sharing.

Buzz is a free app with an express intent to have a universal communication without the artificial walls or boundaries. Even though Buzz is a free App, you can actively decide to support our efforts with specifically upgraded features available via in-app purchases. To use such features, you will have a few options within the app settings.

Buzz is ideal for any group or team within the medical practices and healthcare setting who need to communicate with each other securely and confidently, for their daily workflow communication and documentation needs, including the patient related or other administrative exchanges.

With Buzz you can expect to dramatically increase your productivity as all modes of communication will be at the tip of your finger in one single unified app. Since it is HIPAA-secure, you can stay compliant 100% of the time. Communicating with your colleagues has never been easier!

Being part of different medical practice environments (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing home, and more) often requires you to use different software platforms. You end up with lots of different apps and browser windows trying to stay on top of your messages and chats. Thankfully the pagers are disappearing but it is always difficult to open the right application and find the information that was communicated to you or vice versa. Driven by that we built Buzz, a one-step solution to the problem. It is not only unified in the way it allows you to communicate, it is also versatile, extensible and single environment that will make it your go-to solution for any communication. And, by the way, did we mention that it is private and keeps you HIPAA-secure!

All information sent over Buzz is encrypted using both Public and a Private key. That means only the sender and receiver can read the information.

Skyscape will not share your information with any third party.

Buzz, BUZZ, buzz, BuZZ… Easy to say, easy to pronounce and full of liveliness. Buzz is that feeling you get from a strong cup of coffee in the morning, a stroll on the beach or a hike on a beautiful mountain – that feeling that tells you that all is right with the world, and that you are ready to go out and take a bite out of it… Yes, so what if you are in the frenzy of saving lives, stressed to comply with the regulations, or connecting with the patients on the bedside – we want to capture that Buzz moment when you can as a pleasant distraction from the reality around you. Just say “I’ll buzz you” or “buzz me”!

2. Buzz Features

Buzz is feature rich. At a high level it includes functionality for Messaging and Sharing, a free Buzz Phone with the ability to create multiple Caller IDs, ability to create Groups that you frequently interact with, and Dictation. Each of these high level features have a lot of functionalities making Buzz your go to app for all HIPAA-secure communications.

Buzz Circle allows you to create a secure and trusted network of healthcare professionals and staff who are part of your daily workflow. You can organize your Buzz circle contacts in Groups with whom you can exchange information securely and easily.

With Buzz Phone you will get a unique phone number. You can use this number to make and receive call. You can either use that number as your Caller ID (thus, keeping your mobile number private), or create other Caller IDs (like your Clinic or Hospital number).

Buzz Chat is very powerful. It, of course, allows you to chat with another individual or a group. However, in addition to that you can share images (like a picture of a rash), take pictures, send videos, share files (such as a diagnostic image). Buzz Chat allows you to post messages to a group or reply to an individual post, thus, maintaining a ‘thread’ of that conversation. It also allows you to tag messages (e.g. tag a message as ‘lab report’)or mark as favorite. Buzz Chat has been designed to cater to a healthcare professional’s workflow!

Skyscape or Buzz does not read anything you send or receive. That’s between you and your messenger & communication service. Our only interest is to successfully deliver your messages. The messages are encrypted, so along the way, no one can snoop or intercept the messages and jeopardize the privacy of your conversations – that’s a huge win for the privacy and security!

Buzz will work whether you’re connect to the Internet or using your carrier’s service.

3. Pricing

Buzz is a free app with an express intent to have a universal communication without the artificial walls or boundaries. Even though Buzz is a free App, you can actively decide to support our efforts with specifically upgraded features available via in-app purchases. To use such features, you will have a few options within the app settings.

We are committed to having a universal and democratic experience between HCPs across different silos that prevent adoption and hence limit a seamless experience to Healthcare consumers and patients. So yes, Buzz will always be free with the current functionality that is available.

In future, there might be premium versions of Buzz that provide additional features – in that case we will charge a subscription fee for such features but the users will not be forced to use those features.

4. Compatibility

For the mobile platform, Buzz runs on both iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android. Buzz can also be accessed from a browser.

Yes. Your account will have a unique account ID, password and Pass Phrase. With these you can use Buzz on multiple devices. Your information will be synced up across all the devices.

If you’re not interested in receiving Buzz related communications from Skyscape, please follow these steps to unsubscribe:

Go to”your-email” (Without the quotation marks)
Sign in with your Buzz credentials.

Toggle your preferred communication preferences for both email and in app notifications. Update when finished to save chosen preferences.

If you wish, we can help you to unsubscribe, please send an email with ‘Unsubscribe from Buzz Tips Emails’ to – it may take up to 72 hours for this to be effective.

5. Security

We take security and privacy of electronic PHI very seriously. Our Buzz communication platform is HIPAA secure and your patient’s data is always safe with us. Buzz has Login Access Control with User Authentication. All transmitted text messages, documents, images and videos have end-to-end encryption. Buzz also provides an extra layer of security by using a passphrase whereby all transmitted messages are encrypted using a passphrase know only to the user. This ensures that the transmitted information can ONLY be viewed by the sender and the recipient on authenticated devices. Finally, all hosting services are ISO/IEC compliant and our staff members are fully trained on HIPAA policies and procedures

These popular messaging platforms are missing many safety measures and controls required by HIPAA to make sure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI is not jeopardized. HIPAA requirements include user authentication, login access to the app, audit controls, data integrity controls, disaster recovery plans and staff trained on HIPAA policies among other things. Skyscape ensures that all HIPAA requirements are met. We have built BUZZ specifically to address the special needs of the healthcare community. Even the workflow is tailored for healthcare staff to get the most out of this HIPAA-secure messenger.

6. Buzz Video

BuzzVideo is a video conference facility for a provider to conduct a video call with patients or other members of the care team. The provider can initiate a HIPPA-secure video call in a matter of seconds. To conduct a telehealth video call with a patient, the provider sends an SMS or an email to the patient; it’s that simple. If the provider has been interacting with her/his colleagues using Buzz, then the provider can initiate a video call from the ‘Chat’ screen.

Yes, the entire video session is conducted using end-to-end encryption and is 100% HIPAA-secure.

A provider can initiate a BuzzVideo from a mobile platform (like iOS or Android) or from a browser on the computer. If it is a telehealth call, the patient can accept the call either from a smartphone or a computer.

No. The patient will get an SMS or an email from the provider. She/he simply needs to click on the link to join the video call.

Yes, indeed. Buzz allows you to be engage in HIPAA-secure communication with individuals as well as groups in your care team. To initiate a video call with the individual or the group simply go the chat screen and click on the video conference button and the session will start.