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Improve Care Delivery with Buzz

Timeliness of care of delivery is paramount for home health and hospice providers. Home health communication solutions allow you to improve care delivery for all patients.

  • Grow Revenue & Lower Costs
  • Centralize Communications
  • Avoid Rehospitalizations
  • Simplify Workflow

Test Drive Buzz Today! Pilot includes onboarding and training for you and your team.

How Can Buzz Help Us?

Buzz will enable you to adopt or improve your patient-centric workflow in skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy, home health aide services, and physicians’ services environments. One of the biggest benefits to the adoption of Buzz is enhanced patient management across the entire care continuum, from – acute care facilities, to SNF at Home, and beyond.

Centralize Communications

Reduce Clutter and Confusion Across the Organization

  • Coordinate Large Number of Team Members
  • Streamline Complex Organizational needs while Prioritizing Patient-Centric Workflow
  • Reduce Manual Paperwork
  • 100% Certainty your Care Providers have the Most Up to Date Information
Seamless Patient Handoffs

Centralize Patient Communication in one Easy-to-Access Place

  • Seamless handoffs between inpatient and outpatient services
  • Communicate with third-party care providers confidently
  • HIPAA secure historical communications to reference in an instant
  • Complete history of patient communication thread allows team to confidently answer any questions along the patient journey
Avoid Rehospitalizations

Cut Your Rehospitalizations Rate in Half

  • Creates a sense of accountability and responsibility
  • Real-time communication safeguards against information being lost
  • Understand and track decision-making processes along the journey
  • Transparent view into the patient life-cycle
Simplify Workflow

More Focus on the Patients, Less Administrative Stress

  • Easy Access to Patient History
  • Improved Handoff Procedures
  • Eliminate Communication Gaps
  • Minimize Paperwork Requirements
A HIPAA-Secure Communication Platform